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For Band Members Only

Information for Band Members

Rehearsals are held at 51 Walden St., Concord, Mass., Monday evenings at 7:30.

If the weather appears threatening for outdoor events, call 978-897-9969 for a recorded message.

Fruitlands Concert Information for band members. (PDF version)

2016 Summer Playlist (PDF version)

Member Guidelines

For complete details about the expectations and responsibilities that are part of membership in the Concord Band, see our Member Guidelines.

DVD Sample

A Video has been made of the Concord Band's July 17, 2008, Concert at Fruitlands featuring Amanda Carr and the American Songbook. It is available as a standard DVD to members of the Concord Band, priced at $15 per copy. Please order via email to Dan Diamond, indicating your name and the number of copies you would like by September 9. If you have already ordered, you are all set, but additional copies may be ordered. DVD's will be delivered to a rehearsal in September and can be paid for at that time. Additional copies may be available — see Gina after the shipment arrives and those who have ordered pick up their copies. Think Holiday Gifts for family and friends.

A 5-minute sampler of the DVD is available on YouTube:

Email Lists

There are four email lists that have been created under the domain:
This list is for announcements to the general public about band activities. You may join this list by following the instructions at the bottom of our Mailing List page.
This list is specifically for press releases that are intended for the editors of print and online publications. If you would like to be on this list, please contact Concord Band Publicity.
This list is for the internal activities of the band. All band members with email addresses are subscribed to this list, and any band member may post a message to the list. Please use it sparingly, and only for information or requests that are truly relevant to the entire band. Messages must be text only — no attachments are allowed.
This list is primarily for the business of the band board, but anyone inside or outside the band may use it to bring something to the attention of the board. Only board members and the band director are members of this list. Anyone may send messages to this list, but only list members can read them. Attachments are allowed.

Note: On 2007/1/8, changes were made to our hosting provider's email system that require list names to be unique across their entire server. This is why "cba-" was prepended to each of the list names.

Personal Email Alias

Note that every band member also has a personal "" email address that forwards mail to their "real" email address. To find out what your email alias is, just visit the band roster page and click on the "email" link next to your name. Your real email address will never be disclosed to anyone outside the band without your explicit permission.

This forwarding mechanism has certain filters installed to resist the unsolicited messages from people who harvest email addresses from websites. Currently they are:

  • Any email in which the recipient's address does not appear in the To: or CC: fields of the header is discarded. This means that you cannot BCC: one of these addresses (a common spammer trick).
  • Any email with an executable attachment (characteristic of the Klez virus and friends) is discarded.
  • Any email that mentions the words "million" and "dollars" in that order is blocked. For some reason, the "African money scam" people have been particularly problematic.
More filters will be added as needed. Be sure to let the webmaster know if this service is being abused by spammers, etc. so that appropriate action can be taken.

Your Contact Information

If the band does not have up-to-date contact information for you, please fill out the following form:

Name, First: Last:
Name in program: (if different from "First Last")
Give us your street address so that we can put you on the mailing list for our twice-yearly newsletter, in addition to other occasional mailings to band members.
City: State: ZIP:
You must give us either a phone number or an email address (preferably both) so we can reach you in case of a last-minute schedule change or cancellation.
You may enter multiple phone numbers, one per line, in the order that they should be called. Indicate the type of number (e.g., home, work, cell, etc.) in parentheses.
You may enter multiple addresses, one per line. Only the first one listed will receive email from the band, but the others may be used to send email to the band (e.g., work vs. home, etc.).
The following questions are optional, but the information will be helpful to the band in various ways if you are willing to provide it.
Employer: (if currently employed)
Job title: (current or most recent)
Type of vehicle(s) you own: (e.g., SUV, van, pickup)
Do you have experience and skills in any of the following areas that you could share with the band?
  • Database management
  • Event planning
  • Finance
  • Grant writing
  • Graphic design
  • Law
  • Marketing/public relations
  • Public speaking
  • Web design/development
  • Writing/editing
  • other
Are you a member of any social networking sites, such as:
  • LinkedIn
  • FaceBook
  • MySpace
When you have completed the form, click on this button. Thanks!

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