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Roger Cichy



Since the appearance of his first published work in 1985, Roger Cichy has been a prolific composer whose works often paint experiences and emotions on a canvas of sound. His compositions seek to express such intangible things as the slow growing momentum of daybreak, the chaotic, out-of-control nature of pandemonium, and the graceful, lyrical movement of a sand dune. The composer’s works contain a number of signature elements; among them is his unique use of rhythm and pronounced use of percussion. In many of his works, Cichy employs what he calls “compelling rhythms”, whose repetition drives his melodies forward. His appreciation for percussion’s unlimited sounds and timbres is also notable. Cichy’s work is further defined by his fondness for liberal use of strong countermelodies and thick harmonic texture, and lyrical solos.

In addition to his formal classroom training, Cichy also credits other experiences with helping him acquire compositional skills. Among them was his work as a graduate student where he copied music, extracting parts from scores. He also had a number of opportunities to arrange other composers’ works. This type of work, he says, helped him further learn the nuances of instrumentation and how desired musical effects are achieved. He credits his arrangement, transcription and notation experience with helping him absorb much about other composers’ styles and helping him develop his own strong sense of instrumental coloration.

Mr. Cichy, after being a music educator and band director for many years, became a full-time composer in 1995; he writes for high school, college, and community concert bands, professional orchestras, and the commercial media. He has over 300 compositions and arrangements to his credit, and is widely solicited for commissions and appearances as a guest composer and conductor. No wonder then that Mr. Cichy has been featured, along with ten other prominent composers, in the third volume of “A Composer’s Insight” (a book published by Meredith Music). This reference book is designed to focus on each composer’s approach to music, its inspiration, creation, and performance.

The Concord Band performed Cichy’s Colours and Fanfare for a Festive Day during its concerts of the 2007-08 season, in order to become more familiar with his work (an idea initiated by Music Director William McManus) so that the members of the Band would have a better sense of his style and background when it came time to premiering his Flowing Pens from Concord at their 50th Anniversary Concert.


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