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Julie Giroux Julie Giroux


Julie Giroux was born in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She received her formal education at Louisiana State University and Boston University. She has studied composition with John Williams, Bill Conti, and Gerry Goldsmith to name a few. Julie published her first piece at the age of nine. She began composing, orchestrating, and conducting for television and films in 1985. She has composed music for the Emmy award winning mini-series North and South as well as Dynasty, The Colbys, and for the films Karate Kid II and Broadcast News. She received her first Emmy nomination in 1988 for North and South, Part II. She has been nominated for seven Emmy Awards.

A Member of ASCAP, Julie has credits for more than 100 film and television programs. She has also arranged for Celine Dion, Liza Minelli, Madonna, Billy Crystal, Michael Jackson, and many others.

Julie is an extremely well rounded composer, writing for solo instruments as well as symphony orchestras. She began composing for concert band in 1983 and has published numerous works for professional wind ensembles, military bands, colleges and public schools.


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