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Program Notes

Concertino in E♭


Sachse, composer

The work is one of a number of military (brass) band pieces published by G. W. Stratton in Boston. This work is unique among the other Stratton military band publications in several respects. First, unlike most of the other works which are for smaller brass groups such as quartets, this one is for Solo E♭ Cornet accompanied by a larger brass band. Secondly, it is more musically developed than other pieces which are mostly short arrangements by composers such as Schumann, Mendelsohn, and Haydn. Third, it seems likely that it is in its original form, not an arrangement. The Concertino on E♭ cornet is accompanied by a military brass band instrumentation consisting of two trumpets, three French horns, two trombones, a baritone horn, and two tubas.



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