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Program Notes

Rhapsody for Solo Clarinet and Band


Anne McGinty, composer

This piece is a light and rhythmic composition dedicated to clarinetist J. William King. Two sections midway through the piece are very lyrical and give the soloist a chance for expressive playing. Anne McGinty is a flute player turned composer, who has had numerous works published in the past few years.


Anne McGinty composed Rhapsody for Solo Clarinet and Band in 1982 and dedicated the work to clarinetist J. William King III. The thematic elements of the composition are based primarily on the solo clarinet themes stated at the very beginning of the work. After an energetic and somewhat agitated opening section, the clarinet states a beautiful lyrical melody, which is followed by a return to the opening allegro. After a restatement of the lyrical melody by solo trumpet and full band, the work comes to a close with a sudden return to the opening allegro.



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