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Program Notes

Rhapsody for Euphonium

James Curnow, composer

Rhapsody for Euphonium honors the memory of composer James Curnow’s teacher, Leonard Falcone. The piece begins with an unaccompanied soliloquy by the soloist. This beautiful melody, set in the Dorian mode, establishes the molto espressivo style of the first third of the composition. The solo continues with the euphonium presenting musical material, which is imitated and answered by the accompanying ensemble. The second third of the composition features an exciting scherzo that presents call and response type statements between the soloist and the ensemble. Contrasting dynamics, exciting syncopation and fast-paced sixteenth passages also highlight this portion of the solo. The last section of the solo features the extremely melodious tone of the euphonium in a lovely obbligato passage.

—published score


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