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Program Notes

Tatarian Dances


Elena Roussanova Lucas, composer

Tatarian Dances, a four-movement suite for concert band, was composed by Elena Lucas in 2003 and dedicated to her mother, Lidia Roussanova. The Tatarian people are descendents of the nomadic tribes of Genghis Khan who came from Manchuria/Mongolia, settling in Russia in the ninth century. Tatarian folk music is fresh, lively, and melodious. The first movement, "Sabantui," is a spring-summer holiday that occurs after the conclusion of agricultural labor. It is a beautiful holiday with songs, dances, traditional Tatarian wrestling matches, and abundant entertainment. The second movement, "Sarman," is the name of a very small, beautiful river in Tatarstan. The Sarman has a peaceful unhurried current with many exuberant flowers and an abundance of lush grass along its banks. The third movement is the dance of the harvest holiday, filled with dances, songs, and competitions. Chief among these competitions is the accordion competition. The final movement is a dance often performed at the beginning of wedding banquets. This festive celebration includes many high-spirited dances, songs, and games.

—published score


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