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Program Notes

Triumphant Entrance

Concord Band commission (1991)

Warren Barker, composer

Warren Barker is one of America’s most prolific composer/arrangers. He’s done arrangements for films, Broadway shows, and many for band. He is just great with pop and jazz music, particularly the "swing" idiom. We wanted him to do an original piece for band that was more of a concert piece than his usual work, and he was very excited by the idea. Warren wanted very specific instructions so we decided on an "opener," and we settled on a triumphant-type processional theme with a fanfare beginning. Warren articulated this into a piece that uses several fanfares as a bridge between broad ceremonial themes. His title is perfect.


Triumphant Entrance was composed for the Concord Band by Warren Barker in 1991. Over the years, the Concord Band has performed numerous works by this outstanding composer/arranger. Triumphant Entrance opens with a brilliant trumpet fanfare and soon settles into a majestic march, first presented by the clarinets and saxophones and then taken over by the brass. A slow middle section features a lovely oboe solo. The work closes with a reprise of the opening fanfare and a majestic statement of the main march theme by the full band.



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