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Program Notes

The Winds of Poseidon


Robert W. Smith, composer

The Winds of Poseidon was commissioned by, and is dedicated to, Dr. Peter Loel Boonshaft and the Hofstra University Symphonic Band. The Winds of Poseidon is the second movement of Robert W. Smith’s second symphony, The Odyssey. It was completed in November, 1997, and premiered in December, 1998, by the talented ensemble to which it was dedicated. The Winds of Poseidon is based on Homer’s classic story, The Odyssey. Described as "the best story ever written," The Odyssey is perhaps the most popular work in ancient Greek literature. Odysseus has angered Poseidon (Neptune), king of the sea. The winds of Poseidon blow Odysseus and his crew through many adventures before he finally reaches home.

—Robert W. Smith


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