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Driving Directions

Payson Park, Belmont MA

map of Belmont MA

There are two ways to get to Payson Park from the west or north: You can come all the way in from Rt. 128 on Trapelo Rd, then make the left turn onto Elm St., or you can take Rt. 2 in to either the Park Ave. or Pleasant St. (Rt. 60) exits and go through the center of Belmont.

Via Park Ave.:

  1. Turn right (south) onto Park Ave. and follow it to a little rotary where it meets Marsh St. and then Prospect St.
  2. Take Prospect St. from the rotary and then bear right onto Clifton St. at the third intersection.
  3. Follow Clifton St. to where it crosses Pleasant St. (Rt. 60) and becomes Leonard St.
  4. continue with step 2 below.

Via Pleasant St.:

  1. Turn right (south) onto Pleasant St. (Rt. 60) and follow it to Leonard St.
  2. Turn left and follow Leonard St. through the downtown area and under the railroad bridge.
  3. Immediately on the other side of the bridge, turn right onto Common St.
  4. Follow Common St. to Payson Rd. — there's a little grass island at this intersection. Turn left onto Payson Rd.
  5. Follow Payson Rd. as it loops around the reservoir and delivers you to Payson Park.

If you miss the turn onto Payson Rd., you can simply continue on to Trapelo Rd., turn left there and then take the left onto Elm St. (It's the second left after the big merge with Belmont St.)

map of Belmont MA

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