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2004 Concord Band and Fruitlands Photo Contest

CONCORD, MA June 24, 2004 — Attention Photographers!

This summer, the Concord Band and Fruitlands Museums are conducting their first Photo Contest, the purpose of which is to find interesting new photos for use in future Fruitlands/Concord Band publicity. The contest is open to everyone (including members of the Band and Fruitlands staff and volunteers). Prizes, which will be awarded on the basis of originality, creativity and utility for publicity purposes, will be copies of Concord Band CDs, T-shirts, ceramic mugs and tickets to the Band's Fall and Winter Concerts at 51 Walden. Winners will be notified by email and announced in the Fall edition of Notes, the Concord Band newsletter. Prizes will be mailed. Judging will be done by a committee appointed by the Concord Band Board of Directors.

Please observe the following few simple rules, regulations and conditions:

  • All photos must be submitted digitally in .jpg format via email to Concord Band photo contest.
  • The body of the email must contain the name, address and evening phone number of the photographer.
  • All submitted photos become the property of the Concord Band and may be used for publicity purposes by the Concord Band and Fruitlands Museums. When submitted photos are used, the photographer will be given credit.
  • All photos must be in full color.
  • All photos must show the Concord Band, its conductor, members and/or soloists, or prominent elements of the Fruitlands landscape in the vicinity of the concert site during a concert.
  • All photos must be printable such that their small dimensions are at least four inches.
  • Photo .jpg files may be no larger than 100 KB and should be named so as to identify the photographer and the date taken.
  • Photos may be retouched or post-processed.
  • No more than 10 photos may be submitted by any individual.
  • All photos from an individual must be submitted together.
  • Photos may be submitted through August 31, 2004

Here are a few photos of the Concord Band at Fruitlands and the concert environment that have been used or considered for use in recent years for publicity purposes:

For additional information, contact Yvonne Dailey, Concord Band Publicity. Visit our website at

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