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New Ways to Support the Concord Band: Introducing GoodSearch and GoodShop—Yahoo!

The Concord Band, like most organizations dedicated to bringing the best in concert music to the community, cannot operate solely on the income from ticket and CD sales and sponsored concerts. Since it does cost about $40,000 a year to run the Band, we're always looking for new sources of financial support. To that end, let us take this opportunity to introduce you to two new—and totally painless—ways in which you can help: GoodSearch and GoodShop. is a search engine powered by Yahoo that distributes 50% of the advertising revenue (from ads that appear along with the search results) to the non-profit organization specified by the individual doing the search. When you access GoodSearch via the Concord Band website (or, if you're going to use it a lot—which, of course, you are!—via a GoodSearch toolbar downloadable from the Band website, you automatically specify the Concord Band as the non-profit you wish to share in the wealth. What does "powered by Yahoo" mean? It means that a search of the Web using GoodSearch is the same as a search using Yahoo.

How much does the Concord Band receive each time you use GoodSearch? About a penny. But don't laugh! Those pennies can add up. Consider the math: Our newsletter goes to about 3,000 highly intelligent individuals inclined to support the arts. If 10% of you use GoodSearch, having specified the Concord Band (which, remember takes no special effort once you download the GoodSearch toolbar from our website), and, on average you do just 10 searches a day, your favorite symphonic wind ensemble (the Concord Band) will earn almost $11,000 per year! But wait; if you're one of those who thinks that using GoodSearch to help the Concord Band is such a good idea, won't you encourage your friends to do it, too? Of course you will! is another Yahoo-sponsored and -assisted idea, one that can earn non-profits like the Concord Band substantial donations. Yahoo has arranged to be paid a commission every time a GoodShop retail partner makes a sale online via a link on a participating non-profit organization's website. As in the case of GoodSearch, half the commissions are then contributed to the non-profit participants. More than 500 retailers with a presence on the Web are already participating, possibly 600 or more by the time you read this. In the graphic in the center of this article are a few of the more popular retail brands from which the Concord Band stands to receive significant contributions.

The size of the contributions that Yahoo's retail partners are paying through GoodShop vary widely, but range from less than 1% to as much as 30%. A typical contribution is probably 1%. However, some very popular retailers are paying more. For example, at the time this article is being written, Staples is making contributions of 2%., and Office Depot up to 4%. So if your business spends $50,000 a year on office supplies and equipment, and you buy them online from one of these retailers by first visiting the Concord Band website and then clicking on the GoodShop link, $1,000 to $2,000, will be donated by Yahoo/GoodShop to the Concord Band each year. And keep in mind that big-ticket items like computers that you might purchase from Office Depot, Staples, HP, Dell, Best Buy and probably a few others can help you help us in a big way.

Everything you need to know to begin using GoodSearch and GoodShop can be found on the Concord Band website.

If you'd like to help out financially, we hope that you'll avail yourself of GoodSearch and GoodShop as often as you can. But may we play it safe and also suggest that you make a direct contribution to the Concord Band? Please write a check for as much as you can afford and mail it in the enclosed envelope. If you have no return envelope, simply send your check to the address at the top of this newsletter.

For additional information, contact Peter Norton, Concord Band Publicity. Visit our website at

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