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Instrument Name Since
Audio Steve Munley
Euphonium Douglas Ruby 2022
bass clarinet Linda Menkis 2007
bass clarinet Vanessa Pring 2008
bassoon Erin Cram 2007
bassoon Nathaniel Hefferman 2004
clarinet Steven Barbas 2004
clarinet Gina DePaoli 1997
clarinet James Dorney 2017
clarinet Emily Ferrara 2016
clarinet David Gaylin 2011
clarinet Anne Kandra 2001
clarinet Becky Kung 2011
clarinet Jeff Leiserson 1991
clarinet Adena Schutzberg 2005
clarinet Emily Silva 2021
clarinet Kenneth Toland 2021
clarinet Jerry Vabulas 2012
clarinet Karen Whitehead 1988
clarinet Yvonne Wilson 1996
clarinet* Chloe Melville 2022
clarinet, Eb Charles Learoyd 1975
director James O'Dell 2009
director emeritus William McManus 1995
euphonium Evan Fisher 2014
euphonium Jim Smith 1999
flute Kristen Bankuti 2005
flute Ellen Feldman 1988
flute Debra Franks 2000
flute Chris Mudgett 1975
flute Roberta Nicoletta 2019
flute Claire Noelle 2021
flute* Katie Hock 2022
flute* Elizabeth Holmgren 2022
flute/picc Laura Finkelstein
french horn Kathryn Denney 2004
french horn Cassandra LaRochelle 2015
french horn Cameron Owen 2002
french horn Jean Patterson 1998
french horn* Laura Horn 2022
french horn* Elizabeth Irvin 2008
oboe Carolyn Bruse 2008
oboe Kate Sexauer 2020
percussion Summer Box 2012
percussion Dan Diamond 1970
percussion Stephen Polit 1999
percussion Neil Tischler 1972
percussion Kenneth Troup 1971
percussion* Cesar Garde 2014
percussion* Buck Grace 1995
sax, alto John Rabinowitz 2012
sax, alto David A. Southard 1988
sax, baritone Seychelle Dunn-Corbin 2021
sax, tenor Judy Piermarini 1994
sax, tenor* Dan Shields 2022
string bass Marvin Drake 2010
trombone Glenn Garvey 1984
trombone Ron Kwon 2008
trombone Peter Norton 1993
trombone Sam Reynolds 2000
trombone David Tweed 1987
trombone Mark Vincenzes 1987
trumpet James Becker 2015
trumpet Cindy Blanchard 2011
trumpet Rich Given 2015
trumpet Jake Kenney 2021
trumpet Paul Mawn 1972
trumpet Carol Messina 2006
trumpet* Herman Kabakoff 2022
trumpet* Matthew Pearson 2022
trumpet* Margaret Eileen Romero 2021
trumpet* Robert Viola 2022
tuba Eric Abis 1987
tuba Chi-Sun Chan 2009
tuba Kevin Kozik 2017
video producer Barry Mirrer 2009
vocalist Amanda Carr 2008

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