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2005 Holiday Pops
Waitstaff Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to do before the concert?

    Arrive at the hall at 7:00pm and report to the Bar Staff for table assignments and to help place snacks at each table. When guests arrive you can start taking drink orders.

  2. What should I wear?

    Concert Dress:
    Ladies: black pants or skirts and white top
    Gentlemen: black pants and white top
    No sneakers or jeans

  3. When do I serve drinks and snacks?

    Before concert and during intermissions.

  4. What do I do when a snack bowl is empty?

    Remove it from the table and replace it with a new, filled bowl — throw away any used bowls.

  5. What do I do when the band is playing?

    Sit or stand at the side and enjoy the show!

  6. If someone wants a CD, what do I do?

    You will take the order slip and write on the back how much they paid then give the money to the bar staff and deliver the CD when you are able to. The bar staff will have change if needed. Hang on to the order slips so you can remember who to give the CDs to and who is owed change.

  7. If someone wants a raffle ticket, what do I do?

    Have them buy those from the raffle ticket sellers who will be coming around with baskets. The order slips do have a raffle box but we are not using that tonight.

  8. What do I do if I have questions?

    See the bar staff or find Gwenn or Yvonne during intermission.

  9. What do I do if I get tipped?

    We don't encourage the audience to tip but should you get tipped we ask that all tips be pooled this year and we will donate the proceeds to the Katrina Fund.

  10. Anything else I need to know?

    Have a great time!

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