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2010 Holiday Pops
Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

Welcome to the 2010 Holiday Pops Volunteer team!

As a member of the band, you automatically are part of the team that is instrumental (sorry for the pun!) in making this event a success! The Pops is not only a well loved holiday tradition in the community but our major fund-raiser. It's also a great way for band-members to get to know each other and to be involved in one of the highlights of the concert season!

So, this year, we'd like to propose everyone in the band get involved with one aspect of the Pops. Our goal is to create more of a team atmosphere and avoid any one person having too large a burden.

Instructions: Enter your name into one or more of the open slots in the following table. When you are finished, press the "Submit" button at the bottom. It will take up to 24 hours for your entry to be processed and the form updated, so don't expect to see the changes right away.

Contact Information:
If you are not a band member, please indicate how we can contact you. For example, if you are a relative of a band member, indicate who that band member is. Otherwise, give us a telephone number and/or an email address. All information will be held in strict confidence.

If you wish to change information you submitted previously, send email to CBA volunteers.

Task Prior to Friday, Dec. 10
Food and Drink Coordinator
recruits team, delegates tasks, double-checks that tasks have been done.
  1. Louanne Mackenzie
Beverage Purchase
  • Buy beverages and ice
  • Arrange for delivery to 51 Walden
  • Ensure drinks are delivered
  • Assist in bar-setup
  1. Linda Menkis
Food Purchase
  • Buy snacks
  • Check our inventory of cups, bowls, and napkins to see if we need to buy more
  1. Ken Troup
Setup Coordinator
recruits team, delegates tasks, double-checks that tasks have been done.
  1. Erin Cram
Create table numbers and menus
  • Design and print drink menus and table numbers
  1. (done)
Order tables from table rental company
  • Order tables and verify delivery schedule
  1. Yvonne Dailey
Hall Setup, Saturday Morning 12/5
  • Decorate hall
  • Decorate bulletin board
  1. Carol Messina
  2. Adena Schutzberg
  3. Carolyn B.
  4. Judy Piermarini
  5. Buck Grace
  6. ____________________________________
Task Friday, Dec. 10 Saturday, Dec. 11
Hall Setup, Friday Morning 12/10, 9:00 am
  • Set up tables and chairs
  • Put out tablecloths, centerpieces, menus, numbers, etc.
  1. Carol Messina
  2. Adena Schutzberg
  3. Yvonne Dailey
  4. Nat Hefferman
  5. Ken Troup
  6. Buck Grace
  7. Dan Diamond
  8. Jeff L.
  9. Arthur Magazu
  10. Neil Tischler
Box Office Coordinator
recruits and briefs volunteers who will sell tickets at the door and issue will-call tickets. Sets up the ticket table each night before the concert.
Box Office
  • Need a friend or relative of a band member to collect money and distribute tickets at the door Friday and/or Saturday night.

Cannot be a band member.

  1. Lucy Robb
  1. Connie Douglas
  2. Genie Mitchell
Raffle Coordinator
Overall responsibility for Raffle; recruits and instructs non-band member raffle ticket sellers, organizes and displays donations of prizes, makes sure we have tickets
  1. Ann Drumm
Raffle Ticket Sellers
  • Sell raffle tickets during intermission

Cannot be a band member.

  1. Ann Drumm
  2. Ellen Feldman
  1. Ann Drumm
  2. Allie MacKenzie
Bar Coordinator
Checks bar equipment and supplies; Ensures that we have enough non-band member bar staff recruited, and tells them when/where to report, and what to do. Non-band member
  • Pour drinks
  • Fill snack bowls
  • Clean bar area at the end of the night
  • (Friday only) Make sure there are cups and bowls ready for Saturday night
  • Bag and box empties

Age: 14 or older
Dress: concert dress or holiday attire, no denim, t-shirts or sneakers
Need to be at 51 Walden one hour before show time

Cannot be a band member.

  1. Laurie Garvey
  2. Menkis Girls
  3. Joe Kandra
  4. ____________________________________
  1. Menkis Girls
  2. Joe Kandra
  3. Doug Finkbeiner (Erin's man)
  4. ____________________________________
Clean-up Coordinator
Recruits team. Locates and inventories cleaning supplies and tools. Delegates specific tasks to clean up crew after concerts. Checks to see that tasks have been completed.
Beverage Return
  • Recycle empties that cannot be returned for deposit
  • Return empties with a deposit for a refund
  • (Saturday only) Return unused cans/bottles for a refund

Note: empties must be removed from hall after each concert.

  1. Peter Norton
  2. Dave Southard
  1. Dave Southard
  2. ____________________________________
Main Hall Clean-up
Volunteers for this task are expected to stay until task is complete.
  • Vacuum bar area
  • Sweep hall floor
  • Clean tables off
  • Launder any dirty table cloths and return them for the following night
  • Take out the trash
  • Turn off lights
  • Take down decorations and put in boxes and back in cage (Saturday)
  • Lock hall
  1. Jean Patterson
  2. Judy Piermarini
  3. Ron Smith
  4. June Grace
  5. Erin Cram
  6. Cameron Owen
  7. Dave Southard
  8. Yvonne Wilson Dailey
  1. Jean Patterson
  2. Judy Piermarini
  3. Peter Norton
  4. Andy Levine
  5. Ron Smith
  6. Erin Cram
  7. Cameron Owen
  8. Dave Southard
  9. Yvonne Wilson Dailey
Task After Saturday, Dec. 11
Table Cloth Coordinator
Collects table cloths after second concert, Distributes them to launderers at January rehearsal, checks that they are returned, counted and stored in cage at 51 Walden.
Launder Table Cloths
  • At our first rehearsal in January, each person takes home 10 tablecloths to launder. Return them clean and folded the at the next rehearsal.
  1. Liz Irvin
  2. Richard Shapiro
  3. Judy Piermarini
  4. Barb W.
  5. June Grace
  6. Kris B.
  7. Ellen Feldman
  8. ____________________________________

When you have completed the form, click on this button. Thanks!

Remember, it will take up to 24 hours for your entry to be processed.

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